Terms of Service

By accepting equipment, you agree to waive CONNSTEP, CBIA and their related affiliates and partners of any liability, and acknowledge that you have requested items and received items subject to the following terms:


  1. CT COVID Response and its related affiliates and partners do not guarantee delivery of equipment to all parties that submit requests through the CT COVID Response website.

  2. By receiving equipment, you acknowledge that CONNSTEP, CBIA and entities donating equipment and supplies are acting as Good Samaritans, and that the individuals and organizations receiving the equipment are solely accountable for their own best practices for how to use the equipment safely and effectively, as well as appropriate sanitation and sterilization techniques.

  3. CT COVID Response and its related affiliates and partners will not be producing equipment. Those who receive equipment through CT COVID Response are solely responsible for determining if such equipment can be used based on CDC guidelines.

  4. CT COVID Response and its related affiliates and partners may share information submitted on this site to create relationships to facilitate responses during a crisis situation.

  5. CT COVID Response and its related affiliates and partners are not making any claims to those who will be receiving equipment through CT COVID Response, and make no claims regarding the safety and efficacy of the equipment in preventing any disease or illness, including, but not limited to COVID-19. CT COVID Response and its related affiliates and partners are acting as a Good Samaritan to provide a “better than nothing” alternative during a crisis situation.

  6. Those using CT COVID Response release, waive, and discharge releases from any and all liability, claims demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by any individual or organization using the equipment arranged through CT COVID Response and its related affiliates and partners.


The information contained on this site reflects information submitted voluntarily by individuals and organizations outside of CONNSTEP and CBIA. CONNSTEP and CBIA make no representation as to its accuracy. This is not an official medical supplies procurement platform. Those who utilize the information on this website do so at their own risk and agree to hold CONNSTEP and CBIA harmless for any and all costs, liability or damages that may occur as a result of their utilization of this website or reliance on the contents therein. CONNSTEP and CBIA make no representation nor any actual or implied warranty as to the condition or efficacy of any donated materials or equipment. Healthcare professionals and all others that receive items through this website have sole responsibility for determining the suitability of such items for their intended purpose. Those who receive donated equipment agree to do so under our terms of service. To read our terms of service, click here.

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